Electric Fence for Dogs

I installed an electric fence for dogs after my Siberian Husky, Luna, escaped several times. My backyard is completely enclosed with a chain-link fence but she got out several times by going underneath the fence. Twice, I spent the entire day look..

Standby Generator vs. Portable Generator

Advantages of Standby Generators vs. Advantages of Portable Generators

Which Appliances Use the Most Energy

Do you think the Cable TV Box could fuel wars for oil?  Did you know that, according to the New York Times, cable TV boxes cost $3 billion in electricity per year in the U.S.? When determining which appliances use the most energy, you need to loo..

How much electricity do your household appliances and electronics use?

How much electricity is being used by appliances and electronics is one question. Another question is how much does it cost to use an appliance or electronic item such as a TV. There are three basic measurements of electricity which can be used to..

Surge Protectors

Best Deals on Type 3 surge protectors for important TVs, Home Theaters, appliances and computers. Expensive TVs, surround sound systems, home theaters, electronics, computers and appliances need serious surge protection especially with increased sto..

Light Lift – Motorized Chandelier Hoist

A light lift or motorized chandelier hoist is a must if you're installing a chandelier on a high ceiling.  I purchased a chandelier for my foyer which has a 17 foot ceiling but before the chandelier was installed I started thinking about how I would..